Staff Testimonials

Steve Holbourne

Learning Support Assistant

Since joining I fully appreciate the Burley model over other social support roles!


Steve comes from a audio production and engineering background and after years of touring he has been on his own learning journey. As part of that journey we are lucky to have him working for Burley.


Why did you choose Burley?


“I liked the enabling ethos and the high aspirations that Burley has for it’s learners. My own personal journey has taught me that I want to work for a truly supportive employer, where I can continue to learn about myself as well as the team around me”


How does this role compare with others places you have worked?


“Years ago I worked for another employer  and I felt like a cog in a wheel which can give you quite a negative attitude towards your work. It’s very different here, it’s so positive and you feel fully supported by the team and the managers.”


What makes you stay?


“I enjoy the work, it is so rewarding. Supporting a learner in the workshop to rebuild a bike  – watching them achieve these tasks is an instant reward for me. You get the instant rewards but also the longer term rewards watching the learner making progress in their independence.”


What makes Burley who we are?


“The support of staff and learners. Burley build from their ethos, they are careful to get the right people for the Burley methods. Since joining, I fully appreciate the Burley model over other social support roles.”

Steve Collins

Personal Tutor

Bring your skills and interests to someone’s life experiences.


After running his own business for a number of years, Steve took the step into teaching and bought his experiences and transferable skills into working with young adults. After 3 years he is proud of what he has been able to bring to the role, and how he has helped to develop young people.


“So often certain individuals are denied the opportunity of being part of everyday life and doing the things that we take for advantage, like learning to live independently and having their own flat, here we take the time to build that confidence, facilitating the journey to independent learning; seeing that confidence grow is so rewarding."


What do you get out of working with Burley?


“Variety, relationships and the ability to directly contribute to helping others grow and develop, here you can actively see the small steps in individual’s journey’s becoming real triumphs for them.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the team at Burley?


“Just do it, bring your skills and interests and share these with the learners, at Burley you have the opportunity to bring skills from your previous roles and use these to facilitate the learning and development of individuals. We have people who teach woodwork to fitness to gardening, you could bring your experiences and be part of the journey."

Julie Joyner

Learning Support Assistant

So much more than a support worker!

Before joining Burley Inclusive 4 years ago, Julie worked within the hospitality business for over 30 years. It was a very demanding and at times stressful role and after 30 years Julie was ready for a change.

Julie had personal experience of Burley through a family member and after spending the day with them seeing how they worked and supported their students, in her words “everything fell into place
– I felt like I had found the ‘thing’ I love doing without even knowing it”


Initially, she found the role challenging, “I wanted to ‘do’ everything for the learners, but I soonlearnt that this was not the Burley way“ with the support of th e Burley training and understanding the company ethos of helping learners to be more independent, she soon realised that this was a
role that she wanted to be working in.

Why do you stay with Burley?

“I’m here and will continue to be here because I love the company ethos. Every day I get to come to work and do different activities & trips and we have a real laugh together, if you’re having a slightly
off day the learners really do cheer you up. It is most definitely not a typical ‘support worker’ role, we are coaching, mentoring, and educating these young people, it really is so rewarding."

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