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Burley Inclusive is a specialist service based in North Somerset and Bristol offering a unique combination of bespoke education and ongoing daily support for people with learning disabilities. Every programme of learning is tailored to the learner’s individual goals and chosen interests, our lessons are delivered by qualified teachers and highly trained support staff, and our teaching environment is the client’s home and local community. We are the college without the classroom.


Our specialist curriculum guides our service users through the development of skills that help them live well-rounded, healthy and fun-filled lives, and has been developed to meet the local authority’s four outcomes for outstanding support:


Maintaining a healthy body through diet and exercise.


Shopping, cooking and taking care of the home.


Maintaining social circles and understanding interpersonal relationships.


Developing employment skills through work experience.

Students practice travelling, cooking, shopping, time management, taking care of the home and various other elements of daily living, with a view to developing a realistically achievable level of independence in as many aspects of their life as possible. Our teachers assess their learning every step of the way and design person-centred strategies that help them cope with the challenges of the world.


Our provision is a 50/50 mix of education and support designed to round out learners’ education by enabling them to practice and develop their skills in real-world situations. Learners are supported in activities they enjoy, and the teaching of independent life skills is embedded directly into those activities.

Though some service users may always need support throughout their lives, developing independence wherever possible is hugely empowering, and builds the confidence and positive attitudes that enable them to fully experience and enjoy all that life has to offer.


As a provider of education services, Burley Inclusive can continue the learner’s EHCP after they leave school or college, helping them further build on their education by translating the skills they have learned at school into their homes and communities.


Take a look around our website and see what makes us different.

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