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IIn addition to providing one-to-one learning in the home, community and workplace, Burley Inclusive strengthens learning through a variety of exciting activities and enterprises. The Steel Squid are an award-winning rock band, and you can listen to their music on Spotify and iTunes! The Provyder Cup is an annual series of sports tournaments that encourages people from all providers to come together and compete in a friendly and inclusive environment. Explore more exciting opportunities below. 

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The Steel Squid Collective

The Steel Squid Collective are Burley Inclusive's award winning rock band!


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Burley Creative

Burley Creative are Burley Inclusive's art group!


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Dance Unique!

Dance Unique are Burley Inclusive's dance group!


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The Provyder Cup

The Provyder Cup is an annual lseries of inclusive sports tournaments! All providers welcome!


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More Activities and Enterprises

The High Fives Choir

The High Fives are Burley Inclusive's awesome choir!


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Burley Preserves

Burley Preserves produce delicious jams and chutneys all the way from seed to jar!



BURL.esports Team

BURLesports is Burley Inclusive's esports team! Video games are their thing!

Burley Wood Working

Burley Wood Woking made amazing things from recycled materials.


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