Tutoring Services

Burley Inclusive’s personal tutoring services for people with learning disabilities deliver person centred learning in the home, community or work placement. Each learner selects a personalised set of learning activities and personal targets, ranging from functional skills, to practical tasks such as washing up. Each learning program is then organised into the specific skills and strategies that best enable the individual to be independent.


Every learner finishes a program of strategies and skill assessments that can be used to inform all staff and professionals in a variety of different settings to understand how best to support them. 

The following services are currently available:


  • Skills for Independence Tutoring: Helping learners to develop skills such as cooking, cleaning, travel skills or work based skills, in their own homes, communities and work placements and strategies to further independence.


  • Foundation Level Functional Skills: Helping learners to develop English, Maths and ICT skills and strategies with a direct and practical real world application such as shopping, budgeting, CV writing or using assistive technologies.


  • Transition Tutoring Service: Learners who are transitioning from a full time educational provision or between services can be supported to apply their learning in a new provision with practical strategies and effective developmental planning and assessment.

Depending on the service user's needs Burley Inclusive are able to provide tutoring ranging from a few hours a week to a program of activities. If you would like to read more about example strategies you can read about them on the Burley Inclusive Blog.


If you would like any more information about our support services, please telephone 07795066421 or email: admin@burleyinclusive.co.uk.

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