The Steel Squid Collective

A service user band set up by Burley Inclusive using the skills of former music promoters and music teachers on our staff. The collective practises every Monday in the recording studio at Portishead Youth Centre, and is more than a music therapy project; service users receive 1:1 tuition on their instruments, and the group features an autistic poet among its members. The collective have performed concerts at a former college attended by its members, and have plans to take their show to other colleges, special schools and LD residential care homes in the area. At the time of writing they have a gig booked at a local community project aswell.


The band grants its members the opportunity to be ambassadors for their community; the Youth Centre broadcasts a week-long radio show several times per year, in which students from local schools and youth organisations create and manage the output. The Steel Squid Collective is due to contribute its own 1-hour programme to the schedule, offering the students an opportunity to interact with learning-disabled adults in an atypical context. Likewise, future gigs the band will perform will offer their peers an inspiring view of members within the LD community achieving their ambitions

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