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Burley Inclusive's services are available for direct purchase by schools and colleges, and can be tailored to the needs of the student and the educational establishment. Our provision is specifically designed to round out learners’ education by enabling them to practice and develop their skills in real-world situations. There are many ways in which we can assist schools and colleges with the education of students who require additional support or an alternative approach.

Student groups may benefit from single-day enrichment activities such as our music projects or horticulture provisions as a break from the classroom.

Individual students may benefit from a bespoke, extra-curricular provision based on their educational objectives, supporting the school to meet these objectives where the student is struggling with traditional classroom-based lessons.

We are able to supply staff to support specific students 1:1 directly in the classroom, at a more competitive rate than independent contractors or supply staff.

Our staff can consult with teachers and SENCOs to embed functional skills and national curriculum subjects into a fun programme of community learning, which may suit some students better than a standard classroom-based approach. A day out of the school environment may ease problematic behaviour and give the student a chance to learn in different ways.


We provide year-round education, so students can continue to study and practice their skills during half terms and holiday periods, aiding skill retention and helping maintain routine. Our provision is an ideal supplement to term-time learning, where we support students in half-terms and summer holidays and help upkeep their skills throughout these interim periods.

Burley Inclusive As A Transition Service

Students who favour routine, and who experience anxiety over change, also find the transition from education to a support service easier if they are already familiar with the provider. Our model integrates the two, so fixtures in their week can remain constant during the transition.


As a provider of education services, Burley Inclusive can continue the student’s EHCP after they leave school or college and help them build on their education by translating the skills they have learned at school into their homes and communities.


We are flexible and adaptable, and can offer whatever is required of us to meet specific needs; we currently have students ranging from school age, studying social skills through the use of online social media and real-world internet café computer gaming groups, to degree students in receipt of supplementary employment skills and job coaching.


Please contact us on 01934 611542 or email us at to discuss how we can help.

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