Horticulture Provision

Burley Inclusive's horticulture provision teaches students about the natural world, and the journey our food takes from the ground to our plate. At our partner sites in Weston Super Mare and Bristol, our learners grow organic vegetables and harvest their efforts to take home and make tasty, nutritious meals.


After honing their crop sowing and weed identification skills on our training beds, students can graduate onto the sites' volunteer teams and work with volunteer co-ordinators as core members of the site staff, translating their work experience skills to new areas and projects.

As well as growing fresh produce, our students are encouraged to recognise the importance of conservation, and the positive effects that natural spaces have on our own wellbeing. Our project leaders are themselves committed environmentalists who actively promote the taking care of our communal parks and wildlife, and help students recognise the beauty and fragility of the natural world.


Our horticulture provision is much more than just growing plants - it encompasses an engagement of nature through forest walks, insect cataloguing and beach-cleaning missions, draws together elements of food and nutrition that fold back into students' cookery, and offers exercise and the chance to explore photography, wildflowers, animals and more.

Service User Photography

The images below were all taken by one of our service users. With our help he has displayed his work in art galleries and cafes around Weston Super Mare and Bristol.

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